EPC GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Xuan Mai Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (XuanMai Corp) is experienced in the real estate market in Vietnam. After more than 35 years of operation, Xuan Mai Corp. has achieved noticeable success in the real estate market in Vietnam. Specifically:

As a general contractor, Xuan Mai Corp. marks his name through a series of large works, including:

  • Public works: Hanoi Museum, My Dinh National Stadium, Marine Plaza Shopping Center, Cho Mo Shopping Center, My Dinh Senior High School Training Center, Metrol Supermarket, etc.
  • Industrial projects: Canon, Panasonic, Intel, Toyota, Panasonic, Pioneer, Yamaha, Honda, Toto, etc.
  • Traffic, hydropower works​: Bai Chay bridge, Trung Luong bridge, Long Bien intersection, Nga Tu So crossroads.
  • Structural Finishing Works​: Thai Binh II Thermal Power Plant, Buon Kuop Hydropower Plant, Cam Pha Cement Heat Exchanger Plant, etc.
  • High-rise buildings​: Xuan Mai Corp has been the general contractor for more than 200 high-rise buildings across Vietnam. Some typical projects such as commercial complex, service and housing for sale of Eco - Green City, Hanoi Paragon high-rise building, Commercial, service complex, Imperial Plaza high-rise apartment building, Sky Park Resident Apartment building, Gold Silk, Foreign Diplomatic Apartment, Exchange City Apartment building, etc.


As a real estate Investor:

Xuan Mai Corp. has been successful with a series of high-quality projects and offers thousands of apartments to the market. Only in 2017, more than 1200 apartments of Xuan Mai customers were ordered. Some projects which Xuan Mai Corp. is employer and general contractor such as: Xuan Mai Riverside, Xuan Mai Complex, Xuan Mai Spark Tower, VOV, etc.


Owner of modern construction technology:

With the outstanding achievement of being the first and only unit of the construction industry to receive the State Award for Science and Technology, Xuan Mai owns prestressed pre- concrete technology (PC). This modern construction technology is being used widely in the leading developed countries such as the US and Japan. In addition, Xuan Mai has invested in a factory producing Acotec wall panels with modern technology from Elematic, imported synchronously from Finland, the mixing plant imported from Spain by the brand Frumecar. Thanks to the application of modern technology, Xuan Mai has currently shortened the construction time to only 3 days/floor.


Possessing a closed value chain:

Xuan Mai Corp. owns a closed value chain with 7 subsidiaries, including: Xuan Mai consultant design company with more than 150 elite staff members, two reputable companies producing concrete components – Xuan Mai Concrete Company and Xuan Mai Dao Tu Company, Xuan Mai Transport Company, Xuan Mai Construction and Installation Company, Xuan Mai Electric Engineering Company, and Xuan Mai Real Estate Business and Investment Joint Stock Company in the field of sales and management of operations. Hence, Xuan Mai always ensures to proactively control the quality and progress of its works.. Detail