Eco-Green Saigon is a commercial, service, hotel and high-class apartment complex, located in a prime location with rank interior amenities and high-end furniture to green living peace. The project will become an ideal place for residents of the city.

Located on the front of Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, intersection with Tan Thuan Tay Street, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Eco-Green Saigon project is considered to be the most favorable location in the south of Saigon.

Eco-Green Saigon is 14.36 hectares, with an 2 hectares Eco-Green Park within the project area and the southern border next to Huong Tram Park of over 22 hectares.
With a construction density of only 30%, Eco-Green Saigon is a rare high-end project in Saigon that “owns” two large green parks of up to 24 hectares bringing fresh air to the project’s future residents.